The Dwarf Owners Society Of Great Britain is the organization for those who have a partner who is shorter than they are, by more than the specified minimum amount, providing that partner's head is closer to the ground than the specified maximum height allowed. (Rule Four). The measurements are determined by the Rules Committee on an individual basis, based on the information provided by the potential member. An exception is made if the potential member is actually shorter than their partner, providing that partner is already a recognized Dwarf. In practice, this means that the Society will admit just about anyone.
The Society is affiliated to other Dwarf Owner's Societies around the world, from the rather Formal A.D.A. (American Dwarf Association), to the less formal RCADWCOA. (The Roo Cullers And Dwarf Wranglers Club Of Australia). It is also a founder member of the International Federation of Dwarf Owners, the governing body for Dwarf Sports throughout the world.

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(If you think in metric, try forming the Dwarf Owners Society of Europe)

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